Promptly Journal

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I wanted to do a little post about my Promptly Journal I ordered. This thing is life changing mamas! While I was pregnant, I searched and searched for a decent pregnancy/first year journal. I couldn’t find one to save my life! They all were long lengthy journal entries. Or I would find one with good content, but the outside of if was ugly. (Ya, I’m one of those. Looks matter. I mean who wants an ugly Journal?! Not me.) So, I basically gave up. Then one day I came across the Promptly Journal on Instagram. It has quick little entries to jot down. Super easy and quick to do!

The pregnancy section is broke down into 1st-3rd trimester sections. Basic things like how you are feeling, how you found out you we’re pregnant, how you told your partner, etc. Then next is the birth section. You can record all of your babies stats, who came to visit at the hospital, who does baby look like, how long was labor, who was in the room with you, etc. It has the actual birth day; then breaks down into one week, two weeks and then one month, two month and so on from there up until 18 years of age! Also has separate sections to jot down all of the “firsts” as well. Like their first tooth, steps, crawl, haircut, words, etc.

I just wanted to share this from one mama to the next in case anyone else was in my position and looking for something special to record everything about your special little baby for the years to come! I will include some photos below. But I would also highly recommend checking out their Instagram for additional information and photos. I purchased the grey book, but they have additional colors as well!

Happy journaling friends!