Happy Wednesday friends!

So today, I had the pleasure of listening to Marji Guyler-Alaniz, Founder and President of FarmHer, speak at the local farm show in town. I have followed her on various forms of social media for a while and now watch her television show on RFDTV. Go check out her website, you won’t be disappointed!! Her show is amazing as well. She spoke about how FarmHer came about. It started out as her photography project. She photographed women who work in the agriculture industry and shared their stories. From there, it became a television series!

I loved hearing her stories about some of the women she has met with. Some worked full-time on the farm. Others worked off the farm and then came home to help their families farm. Some were a farm wife, and some a farmer’s daughter. She spoke about some who crop farmed, while others had ranches or livestock. All kinds of women doing different things. All with one thing in common: agriculture.

It takes all kinds of kinds in the agriculture industry! Which is another reason I think agriculture is so amazing! There are so many forms of it and ways to do it. Different things to grow or animals to raise and care for. No two farmers do things the same way. It depends on where you live, the land and climate that determines how a person farms.

While she was sharing about the women she has met through her journey, I thought about all the FarmHers in my life. I come from a long line of farmers. My parents farm, both sets of my grandparents farmed, and even my great-grandparents. When we found and met my older half sister a year and a half ago; she to came from a farming family and married a farmer! (The story of finding my older sister is for another day on another post. I will say though, it’s a good one!)

So, lot of farming! My mom and both my grandmothers are the people I strive most to be like. What makes them great FarmHers? Their wise knowledge, kind heart, independence and their strength. So very strong these women are! My mother is the strongest lady I know. She is the backbone to my parent’s farm. I have seen her jump in the tractor when needed, run here and there for parts. Taxi the men around to help move to the next field. Or even come home after a eight hour day of chemo and make dinner to take to the field for all the men. That lady can do it all. And I am so proud to call her my mother. If I can be half the women she is one day, I will be doing good!

For those who don’t know me personally, I work full-time off my parents farm. I work on another family’s hog farm in their research and nursery barns. I help my parents on nights and weekends during spring and harvest.

So, if you are a lady who works on the farm full-time, or a full-time job off the farm, a farmers wife, daughter or whatever it may be. They all are equally important roles in the agriculture industry. Sometimes, I feel these women get overlooked. All these roles women play, keep the farm going! They make the meals, care for the children, teach them values, show them what hard work is; and during busy times through the year, they are basically single parents. And they do it every single day. All day, everyday!

There is poem that I have on a sign that hangs in our house I’m sure you have heard of, “So God Made A Farmer.” It is the perfect way to describe what a farmer or FarmHer is and what farm life can entail. Thank you to all the farmers and FarmHers that are out there, and all the hard work you and your families do! I will be forever grateful to be born, raised, and now working in the agriculture industry myself. Thank you to those who work in acres, not hours. And thank you to Marji for being such an inspiration to all the other women out there and sharing stories of other FarmHers!