The Farm Grew!

We spent last year planning and prepping to get some cattle. We have talked about it for years and finally decided to just dive in!

In college I worked on a dairy calf farm for two and half years. There I discovered my love for the livestock industry. The farm is where I found myself. I really grew as a person and found strengths I didn’t know existed. I learned what hard work was. When I told my parents I was quitting my job at the flower shop in town to go work at the farm feeding calves at 6am, they thought I was nuts! Turned out it was the best thing for me. I learned to work with the calves, beef cattle and operate different machinery. It was a blast.

When the farm had to close and relocate to Missouri, I decided to make the switch to the hog industry. I knew I would miss the cattle but always hoped someday I would get some of my own. Thankfully I talked to my husband into it and he made all my cattle dreams come true!

Nathan did a lot of research and we decided on some red angus for the first go around. We sent the deposit off to get first pick of the steers that’s were being weaned this spring. We traveled over to eastern Iowa for them. Once we got there we decided to bring an extra home!

They have been home with us for about two weeks now and have brought a lot of joy to our little farm. Naturally, I have spent time already photographing our handsome boys🐮

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