See ya later, 2020!

I can’t believe this year has come and gone! Unpopular opinion: 2020 flew by and I enjoyed the year.

We started the year out with a family trip to the beach, hung out with my dad during spring planting (Wyatt became quite the seed tender operator for grandpa), spent time with family, enjoyed being on our little farm, went to the lake, celebrated Wyatt’s 3rd birthday, went fishing, to the zoo and helped my dad with fall harvest.

Both my husband and were blessed to keep our normal work routines. Our daily life continued per usual. Those who know me well, know I am a homebody, so when everything shut down it didn’t bother me to much. Work and being home with family was just fine in my book!

Like any year, it had its downfalls. Covid made its way into the house and I miscarried. I’m more of a ‘what doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger’ type of a person. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. There is always a reason, and I have faith he will bring a baby into our lives when he feels we are ready.

No year is ever perfect, nor will it ever be. When the clock strikes midnight on 2020 it doesn’t automatically set up the new year to be perfect. You have to have the right mindset and make the most of life. At the end of 2019 I made obtainable goals for myself for the 2020 year. I checked off all of those boxes and made endless memories with my family. And for that, I am thankful! We are already looking forward to the new year, fun things are coming to our little farm this spring and we can’t wait!

Highlighted below are some of my favorite photos from this year❣️

Cheers 2020✨