It’s fall y’all!

It’s offically harvest! The most wonderful time of year! Not for pumpkin spice everything, but for all things farming.

Fall is such a special time, mainly because it’s harvest at the farm. I have so many memories during this time of year and they just continue to get better as the years go on. From smell of threshed grain and dirt being worked, meals in the field, Wyatt’s face lighting up when he gets to ride with his daddy and grandpa, watching sunsets from the combine and Sunday lunches with the farm crew at the shop. It really doesn’t get better then that in my book.

So many memories are made during this time, I can’t wait to make more this season with our family. Above is Wyatt’s first walk with grandpa to the combine last year. Below are the rest of my favorites from last harvestšŸŒ½