Making Time

Hey friends!

So as you can see, fall has come and gone already! I seriously have no idea where time has gone. I swear, you blink and everything changes in an instant! Our son was five months old as of yesterday. Say what?! Makes this mama a little sad with how fast he is growing.

Well, I hope everyone had an amazing fall and safe harvest. I am extremely blessed to say my dad and everyone here had a safe one. It is my most favorite time of year, mainly because of harvest. We took our little man for his first tractor ride with his daddy in the ripper and his first combine ride with grandpa! He loved it! He loves car rides and being on the move in general, so it wasn’t surprising he enjoyed being the tractors.

We also took him to the local orchard for his first “pumpkin picking.” Spending the day together as a family of three for the first time getting pumpkins, shopping and enjoying sweet treats was pretty special. I look forward to more days like that.

These days are so busy. Heck, I feel like everyone is busy! I long for slower days. For time to slow down. Like days were when we were little. I felt like they drug on. Now that I am an adult, they fly by! And now that I am a mom, they fly even faster. As much as I want my baby to stay a baby forever, I love watching him grow and learn new things.

If it’s one thing I have learned since becoming a mom, it’s to slow down and enjoy every moment. Because one day, they won’t be little. They won’t want you to hold them before bed. Or have you rock them to sleep. Or keep you up all stinking night! One day, they will be grown and gone. So right now, I am making time. Time to cherish every moment of watching our son grow. And making all the time possible to spend with him.

Here’s to more sleepless nights ahead 💙