Kitchen Progress

Hello Friends!

It’s been a little quite on here lately. I am officially back to work and now my dad has started harvesting crops here. That means busy days and nights ahead! When I get off from my full time job during the day, I go home to help my mom prepare dinners to take to the guys in the field. And this year with a baby, it has added a whole new level of chaos in the kitchen! 😉

Each night we make meals to feed 4-8 people. It depends on the day and what’s going on that determines the amount of workers my dad needs. We feed the day crew, as well as the night crew. It makes for quite a few hungry men to feed!

After the meals are done and I deliver them, I go out to dump trucks and tend to the dryer and bins until quitting time!

I absolutely love helping my dad on the farm. It makes for some long days, but it’s something I really enjoy doing. My younger sister is coming home again this weekend as well to join in on all the harvest fun! It really is a family event!

Progress at the house has been moving along. This past week Nate got our kitchen cabinets hung! As well as our bedroom flooring done and two bathrooms done. I can not wait to have a kitchen again! Things are really coming together. Can’t wait for this project to be done so we can move in and get back to a more normal and organized life! Living out of storage totes for a year has been a challenge. Then add all the baby gear to everything! I’m sure my parents are ready to have their house back!

I included some photos of the kitchen progress. I have been waiting a long time for those cabinets to go up on the wall!! Can’t wait to get the sink and counters installed. It’s fun seeing everything come together.

Have a fabulous week!!