Sweet Corn Season

Happy Thursday friends!

So we are midway through summer already! Where in the world has this summer gone?! I feel like once the 4th of July comes, the rest of summer just flies by!! Before we know it schools will be starting and fall will be here. Today marks six weeks since our son was born; and in six more weeks I have to go back to work already. I'm not overly excited to go back. Not because I don't like my job; but just because I know how precious time is and how fast it goes. Our son will only be small once and I really enjoy being home with him. But what mother doesn't want to be home with their babies?!

Anyway! (I can get a little windy and off topic sometimes. Bear with me!) Even though summer is half way over, it does mark a pretty exciting time during summer: sweet corn!! I don't know about you, but this is basically my favorite food group! Since I was little, I have had quite the love for my sweet corn. This farm girl can throw down the corn. I remember when my husband and I started living together, I brought home sweet corn for dinner one night. Just sweet corn. Like that's it, nothing else. He couldn't get over how we eat just sweet corn for a meal. He didn't grow up on a farm so it was a new thing for him. (He probably thought I was a little strange. Oh well!) Don't get me wrong, he likes his sweet corn but not quite at the level as I do! Oh well, more for me!

Every year we do our annual family sweet corn freezing day. Have to get stocked up for winter! I love having corn to pull right out for meals. You can use it for so many things. As a side by itself, on potatoes, in soups, salads, casseroles, the list can go on! But my all time favorite is a baked potato with sweet corn on it and then topped with my grandmas homemade buttermilk ranch. Talk about a tasty combination! Hey, don't knock it 'til ya try it! We got our corn froze yesterday. It is actually a pretty fun time. It makes for some good family bonding time. When I was younger I hated freezing day. It felt like we shucked corn for hours upon hours. Now I don't really mind it, it's fun to do as a family.

If anyone else is looking for a good method to freeze corn feel free to ask me! I would be happy to share the way we do it. It's easy to do and our family has been doing it since before I was born. It works pretty good!

Have a fabulous rest of your day!

Our Baby Is Here!

Once again I have taken a little break; but for good reason! Our baby boy arrived and I have been busy figuring out how to be a mom and balance our new life! We have always wanted children, but I never really knew how rewarding it would be to become a mother. When they say you don’t understand until your a mother; well, they are correct. I never knew I could love something so much. I also didn’t know I could love my husband more then I did. Seeing my husband with our son makes me so happy! They have quite the bond already. And he definitely is his father’s mini! Looks just like him. Time sure has flown by since we arrived! I feel like he just got here; but in reality he is almost two months old already! He is growing like a weed!

While I have been figuring out how to become a professional diaper changer, nursing, and all things baby; I have also been trying to make time for myself. One thing I don’t want to happen is to “lose” myself. I still want to keep up with the things I love to do. Thankfully I can do most of those things at home and still be with my son. Although I have a new role in life, I don’t want to put myself completely on the back burner.

So with that being said, I am super excited to pick back up on some projects that had to be set aside during my pregnancy. I had really gotten into making wooden signs last summer and I can’t wait to get back into it. I also had another big project that I had been brainstorming on for quite sometime! Like all the way back in college when I was taking my entrepreneurship classes for my agriculture degree. I think it is time to bring that one to life. My younger sister helped me start on it last fall. So I have a few things to keep me busy when I’m not snuggling my son! Which is currently what I’m doing as he is napping in my arms! 💙