Mother’s Day!! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas!

As a mom-to-be, this day has been pretty nice to enjoy. However next year I can't wait to have my little man here to celebrate with 💙 It has been a very warm and sunny day here in central Iowa! The weather all around has been great all weekend! My mom requested Taco Tico for lunch today and will be grilling out for her Mother's Day dinner tonight! We bought her some pretty flowers to be hung outside, a bike flower planter, a little glow in the dark dragon fly to put on the flower bed, chocolate covered strawberries and a bracelet from baby Wyatt! Can't wait to give her all the goodies! 

Aside from Mother's Day festivities; it has been a busy weekend here at our farm. My husband and father in law textured the drywall Saturday in the kitchen, living room and mushroom. Yay!! Time to officially paint! That was a huge job done. Those two have been working non stop at the house. I just wish I could be of more help. Almost four weeks left before baby arrives; I'm getting slower by the day! 

In the spring I work for my dad running the seed tender during planting season. He just finished up last night! This spring has had its ups and downs with the weather. Beautiful warm days, then to cold and rainy days; then back to warm days. Made planting a little more difficult to get everything in the ground in a timely manner like he prefers. But it's all done now so that's all that matters! 

 I tend to carry my camera with me when I work; the photo shared is from Friday night. My sister is home from college and she to enjoys photography and anything farm related. So we took full advantage of the beautiful night to take photos of Dad planting! 

How is everyone else wrapping up this holiday weekend?! The garden also got fully planted (yay!) can't wait for fresh veggies to munch on this summer! 

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day weekend!!