Pickin’ Paint ColorsĀ 

Happy Friday Friends! 

So much going on lately! Spring is here (yay!!), we are working on our house and officially in the last month and half of my pregnancy! So busy! 

Today my husband told me I need to pick out paint colors for the house. How exciting but so overwhelming! How does one decide?! So many choices. 

So to help me get a better idea, I naturally referenced Pinterest (like I do with almost anything these days). I came across a blog that claims to have the five top paint colors Joanna Gains uses on fixer upper. So they have to be good colors then if they use them on the show right?! Even better, they were all Sherwin Williams colors. Which is our local paint store in town. 

The colors were: Alabaster, Silver Strand, Oyster Bay, Repose Gray, and Mindful Gray. All very pretty! I picked up samples of all of them as well as some other recommendations from the gal who worked there. 

I ended up choosing another color she recommended for the kitchen, living room and mud room. It is called Light French Grey. It to was on quite a few pages I referenced on Pinterest; if your in search of a grey I would check it out! I chose that for my main color because it’s not over powering but because she said it is the “truest” grey color that looks best under all types of lighting. 

So to start this painting project we got our paints for the first three big rooms and will start this week!! Can’t wait!! 

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!!