One Year Mark 

Top of the morning to you friends!! 

So this morning I was doing a little thinking, I realized that exactly one year ago we started this whole farmhouse renovation project. Where has the time gone?! Yikes! Now, when I say started, I mean we got the home in our names and started cutting down trees and gutting the inside of the house. It took until mid summer to get a construction crew there to do their part. BUT we had to gut the entire inside of the house. Cut the house into three sections. Burry one section, move the other two and get the basement dug and poured in the mean time. So we got a lot done before actual construction took place! 

Once the construction crew got there; they took until mid/end of fall before they left. Since then we have been doing the entire inside ourself. 

So much has changed in the last year; but there is light at the end of the tunnel!! Hopefully by mid June we will officially be able to move in!! We are so excited to have a house of our own again; but even more so, to start it as a family of three!! Something we didn’t realize would be happening when we started this project. 

I wanted to share a photo of what the original farm looked like back in the day. This was taken before I was born. But when I was younger, the barn, chicken coop and machine shed was still in tack! My dad had pigs in the barn until it blew over. That happened when I was about seven. I love seeing how it looked back then. My grandma has told me the story about how every time she watched a new piece of farm equipment pull out of the yard, she thought to herself “there goes my new house!” She always dreamed of building a new house in this property. I think she is pretty happy to have it stay in the family and see it happen ❤️ 

Spring is full of new things and new beginnings. We are so happy for our beginning chapter of life as a family and in a new home together.