Memorial Weekend FestivitiesĀ 

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend! I know I did! As well as having a case of the Mondays as I started out my work morning. Even though it wasn’t really Monday; I’m sure you get my drift. 

When I think about the things that have been going on lately, I sure can count my blessings. We have been scrambling around doing last minute things to get ready for whatever day our bundle of joy decides to make his appearance. Working on the house to get it move in ready (hopefully soon!) My little sister moved three hours away from us (insert tears!) My mom is still going staying strong while continuing her chemo treatments. Hoping for more good reports from Mayo this summer!! She needs to be healthy for her first grandbaby! 

But through it all we remain strong, and there for each other. Life has been a little crazy with everything. So this past weekend, to be able to relax and spend time with each other; and do some things for ourself was just what we needed.  

Nate and I had our own adventure getting our appliances from Des Moines. Stopped at Slims Market on the way home for some awesome, fresh produce! If you have never been there make sure to check it out sometime: west of Story City, Ia. We even ditch hunted some asparagus. Saturday, Nate was supposed to have a day to himself to fish with his friend but instead accompanied me to JunqueFest to do some antiquing and have lunch together. We then topped off our day attending a wedding. And Sunday evening spent it with his family at the campgrounds! We all ate dinner, roasted marshmallows and made pies over the fire. Talk about relaxing! 

I hope your weekend was as relaxing and blessed as mine was. I hope everyone took the time to remember and reflect on why it is we have that three day weekend. Our freedom did not come free. I am so thankful for the brave men and women who served and are serving to help protect our nation šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø 


Mother’s Day!!Ā 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas!

As a mom-to-be, this day has been pretty nice to enjoy. However next year I can't wait to have my little man here to celebrate with 💙 It has been a very warm and sunny day here in central Iowa! The weather all around has been great all weekend! My mom requested Taco Tico for lunch today and will be grilling out for her Mother's Day dinner tonight! We bought her some pretty flowers to be hung outside, a bike flower planter, a little glow in the dark dragon fly to put on the flower bed, chocolate covered strawberries and a bracelet from baby Wyatt! Can't wait to give her all the goodies! 

Aside from Mother's Day festivities; it has been a busy weekend here at our farm. My husband and father in law textured the drywall Saturday in the kitchen, living room and mushroom. Yay!! Time to officially paint! That was a huge job done. Those two have been working non stop at the house. I just wish I could be of more help. Almost four weeks left before baby arrives; I'm getting slower by the day! 

In the spring I work for my dad running the seed tender during planting season. He just finished up last night! This spring has had its ups and downs with the weather. Beautiful warm days, then to cold and rainy days; then back to warm days. Made planting a little more difficult to get everything in the ground in a timely manner like he prefers. But it's all done now so that's all that matters! 

 I tend to carry my camera with me when I work; the photo shared is from Friday night. My sister is home from college and she to enjoys photography and anything farm related. So we took full advantage of the beautiful night to take photos of Dad planting! 

How is everyone else wrapping up this holiday weekend?! The garden also got fully planted (yay!) can't wait for fresh veggies to munch on this summer! 

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day weekend!! 


Pickin’ Paint ColorsĀ 

Happy Friday Friends! 

So much going on lately! Spring is here (yay!!), we are working on our house and officially in the last month and half of my pregnancy! So busy! 

Today my husband told me I need to pick out paint colors for the house. How exciting but so overwhelming! How does one decide?! So many choices. 

So to help me get a better idea, I naturally referenced Pinterest (like I do with almost anything these days). I came across a blog that claims to have the five top paint colors Joanna Gains uses on fixer upper. So they have to be good colors then if they use them on the show right?! Even better, they were all Sherwin Williams colors. Which is our local paint store in town. 

The colors were: Alabaster, Silver Strand, Oyster Bay, Repose Gray, and Mindful Gray. All very pretty! I picked up samples of all of them as well as some other recommendations from the gal who worked there. 

I ended up choosing another color she recommended for the kitchen, living room and mud room. It is called Light French Grey. It to was on quite a few pages I referenced on Pinterest; if your in search of a grey I would check it out! I chose that for my main color because it’s not over powering but because she said it is the “truest” grey color that looks best under all types of lighting. 

So to start this painting project we got our paints for the first three big rooms and will start this week!! Can’t wait!! 

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!! 

More Rhubarb TastinessĀ 

Happy Monday!! (If there is such thing šŸ˜‰) 

I don’t know about you, but this past weekend just flew by!! Seems like once the weather gets nice outside, weekends and any free time for that matter, goes by way to quickly! 

Aside from the hustle and bustle of this past weekend, I managed to squeeze in a little recipe sampling! I have always seen things about rhubarb juice online. Has anyone else heard of such thing?! I hadn’t before, but I thought it sounded delicious! I pin pointed down a recipe that I wanted to try. I found it off of an Amish blog and it has a lot of good reviews so I knew it had to be a good one! 

It was extremely easy to make! I personally, am a huge fan of easy recipes! It turned out so well I wanted to share the recipe with you. 

Rhubarb Juice: 

4 pounds of fresh rhubarb, diced 

4 quarts of water 

1 (12 oz) can of frozen orange juice 

1 (46 oz.) can of pineapple juice 

2 cups of sugar 

1 (3 oz.) box of strawberry gelatin 
1. Cook the rhubarb and water until soft 

2. Drain off the juice from rhubarb; keeping the juice and discarding the rhubarb. Add the rest of the ingredients to the juice 

3. Stir until sugar is dissolved 

4. Put hot juice in jars, seal and cold pack for five minutes 

It’s that simple! I personally cut the sugar in half and used a sugar free gelatin and thought it turned out amazing. Everyone in my family thought it was a hit. It could also be used for a refreshing adult beverage paired with your favorite vodka or even a coconut rum! After my pregnancy, I will be having it pool side with some Malibu rum on a hot day šŸ˜‰ 

Cheers friends! 

Rhubarb SeasonĀ 

Happy Tuesday! 

I hope this finds everyone doing well on this fine day! I don’t know about where you live, but here in Webster County the sun has finally made an appearance after about a week! It also got up to 63 degrees!! Finally! I sure did miss the sun and warm weather.

One of my favorite things about spring is planting flowers, spring planting on the farm, and hanging out with dad in the field! This year we have decided to have a garden at the new house. I got the potatoes and onions in the ground, but wanted to wait on everything else until the weather stayed warm. I plan on transplanting some rhubarb from my mom’s patch as well. I love me some fresh rhubarb! 

Right now the rhubarb is in its prime! One of my favorite things to make is my grandmas rhubarb  blueberry jam. I don’t meant to toot my horn; but my grandma Mary Lou has the best jam! It is so tasty! I enjoy it best on toast, ice cream, yogurt parfaits and even right off the spoon! 

What does everyone else like to use their rhubarb for?! I seen a post online about rhubarb juice. It looks amazing! I am going to give it a try this week. I will let ya know how it goes! 

Have a fabulous week!! 


One Year MarkĀ 

Top of the morning to you friends!! 

So this morning I was doing a little thinking, I realized that exactly one year ago we started this whole farmhouse renovation project. Where has the time gone?! Yikes! Now, when I say started, I mean we got the home in our names and started cutting down trees and gutting the inside of the house. It took until mid summer to get a construction crew there to do their part. BUT we had to gut the entire inside of the house. Cut the house into three sections. Burry one section, move the other two and get the basement dug and poured in the mean time. So we got a lot done before actual construction took place! 

Once the construction crew got there; they took until mid/end of fall before they left. Since then we have been doing the entire inside ourself. 

So much has changed in the last year; but there is light at the end of the tunnel!! Hopefully by mid June we will officially be able to move in!! We are so excited to have a house of our own again; but even more so, to start it as a family of three!! Something we didn’t realize would be happening when we started this project. 

I wanted to share a photo of what the original farm looked like back in the day. This was taken before I was born. But when I was younger, the barn, chicken coop and machine shed was still in tack! My dad had pigs in the barn until it blew over. That happened when I was about seven. I love seeing how it looked back then. My grandma has told me the story about how every time she watched a new piece of farm equipment pull out of the yard, she thought to herself “there goes my new house!” She always dreamed of building a new house in this property. I think she is pretty happy to have it stay in the family and see it happen ā¤ļø 

Spring is full of new things and new beginnings. We are so happy for our beginning chapter of life as a family and in a new home together.