Sunny Days! 

Hi Friends! 

Today was the most gorgeous day here in central Iowa! Sunny, warm, almost no breeze kind of day. After days of cloudiness and dreary chilly weather, the sun was very much appreciated! It sure felt like spring! 

My husband is off on a fishing trip, so I am spending some much needed time with my family. My sister is back for the weekend. I am taking full advantage of my sister bonding time before she moves away on me! We spent the morning doing a little shopping, getting iced coffee (my caffeine treat for the weekend!)  hitting up a barn sale, and going out to our local hillbilly sale. Seen so many neat old antiques! Can’t wait to have my house done so I can decorate! 

Our mom used to take us out to the hillbilly sale every month with her best friend Kim and her son. At the time us kids weren’t that into the old junk. But as I got older I found it much more interesting. So I love to make it out there when the weather gets nice and look for treasures to add to my collection. 

After all our shopping, my dad helped me till up a spot at our new place for our garden. I’m hoping to get my potatoes and onions in tomorrow! 

Have a good Saturday!!