Baby Shower! 

Hello Friends!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Easter this past weekend! I know I did! My sister threw me the most beautiful baby shower for baby Wyatt on Saturday. She rented out pretty barn and went with a farm theme. How fitting, my favorite! From using our childhood barn, farm animal cupcakes, our dads toy tractors…. the list goes on! She put so much thought and creativity into the day. I could not be more grateful for everything she did! I think she is one excited aunt!

Sunday we spent the day traveling around to Easters with our families. We had brunch in the morning, a noon meal at another, and dessert later in the afternoon at my grandmothers. Holidays get to be a lot sometime. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have any plans and could just stay home and relax. Then I am quickly reminded how lucky we are to have such a big loving family to spend our holidays with. Some aren’t so fortunate. I definitely count my blessings twice when it comes to our families ❤️

Have a fabulous week!!