I smell Spring! 

Hello friends! 

It was a beautiful day here in central Iowa! Started out a little gloomy, but after dinner the sun sure did shine! I don’t know about you, but spring is one of my favorite seasons. Green grass, sunny days, flower planting, gardening…. the list is endless! 

But my all time favorite reason is smelling the fresh dirt being worked in the fields and seeing farmers out planting in the fields! Being born and raised on a farm; nothing hits home for me quite like the sights of spring planting. 

As mentioned before, I am from central Iowa. Webster county to be exact. My parents are crop farmers; corn and soybeans. Growing up on the farm is something that I have always appreciated. My father took me everywhere when I was little. To the co-op, pig chores, the field, etc. He just took me with! Sure there were times when I didn’t enjoy what we were doing (More when I was a teenager). But looking back now, I have never appreciated the time spent with him more than I do now. Hand scraping the barn to repaint it. To walking beans on those hot summer days; all have become treasured memories that I will never take for granted even if they weren’t the funniest activities at the time. Some of the best father daughter bonding time  has taken place in the cab of a tractor or combine. 

My mom is what keeps things together. She is the most amazing farmers wife and mother on the planet! From running to get parts when needed, taking the guys here and picking them up there, cooking dinners for the field every night, keeping up with the house, the yard, and can even hop in the tractor when dad is short handed. She can do basically anything. But what I admire most about her is her strength. She has been through so much over the years with her illness. She always pushes through. She is the strongest person I know. I look up to her everyday. I hope to be a wife and mother just like her one day ❤️ 

So here is to a fabulous spring! Enjoy each day. Appreciate the little things. And never take a day for granted.