The low down on our farmhouse 

So I wanted to share some photos throughout this journey we have had renovating our farmhouse. What an adventure it has been! It has definitely tested us. Our patience, time, energy, you name it! A friend of our told us; if our marriage can survive building a house together, let alone taking on this massive of a project, we should be set! (That was a joke; but looking back I think he was half serious!) 

We actually cut the existing house into three pieces. Moved the garage off to another area of the farm, buried the smallsection and then moved the two story part off so we could dig a basement. After he basement was dug, we moved the two story back and rebuilt the garage and center part of the house. The old part of the house we kept got completely gutted. So essentially, the whole house will be new when it’s complete. 

Today my husband, father-in-law and my dad have the whole house insulated and putting up drywall! It’s really coming together. It also got new plumbing and heating. My handy man husband is an electrician, so he did that with the help of his dad and brother-in-law. 

My husband has been quite the saint putting up with me and all my ideas during this project. We both have always planned on buying our own acreage; but I don’t think such a big project was in the original plans! He knew how special having my grandparents farm would be to me, so for that I am forever grateful! This is after we cut the house into three sections. 

Garage is moved!

And so is the house! What’s left got buried. 

This was after the basement was dug and house out back onto the foundation. 

And what it looks like today! 😍

The original design we had going into it. I would say it turned out just as planed!