Let’s try this again….. 

So as you can tell, my master plan for staying frequent on my writing fell to the back burner rather quickly. (Opps!) Literally days after I created my blog, I found out my husband and I were expecting!! I sensed I was pregnant after being at work days later and wanting to vomit the minute I walked into the hog barn. I knew at that moment, something was not right and I had better stop at the store on the way home for some tests. Another day went by and it was confirmed by the doctor that we were indeed going to have a baby! I was super excited! 

I couldn’t wait to share the news with my hubby. However, we were right in the middle of harvest and we both work all day and then help my dad farm at night. So the timing wasn’t great. I knew I did not want to tell my husband he was going to be a dad for the first time through a phone call or text; so I decided to wait until it rained and we would have the night off. Two days later it rained enough for Nate to have the night off from ripping, but it wasn’t enough for dad to stop by combine so he still hauled to the bin site. Which meant this lady still had to work. So I made Nate bring me dinner and spend time with me at the bin site so I could share the big news! I had a onesie wrapped and ready for him to open! He couldn’t have been more excited! This is something we both have been wanting for quite some time! 

So for the first 22 weeks of my pregnancy I spent sick. I had enough energy to get through my work days and then the minute I got home I rested. The morning sickness was no joke! Sick all day and night. It didn’t matter what time of day; I could get sick at any given moment. The baby especially was not a fan of the smell of pigs! I was very sick at work; made for some long days. But all is well now and I am trying to get back into the swing of things and prepare for the baby! We are expecting a baby boy come June 💙 We are still plugging away at our house! Keeping our fingers crossed it is done by the time our bundle of joy arrives!! 

Tomorrow I will share photos and the progress of our house from the start! 

Goodnight friends!