The Day We Bought The Farm

Happy Monday friends!!

I have finally taken the plunge and decided to try out this whole blogging gig!  I enjoy photography, and I think this would be an awesome place to share photos of our adventure remodeling our home and just life on the farm.

The photo your looking at above was my grandparents farm. This is what is looked like the day we bought it. My grandpa passed away when I was younger; and this past winter my grandma decided it was time to move to town and down size. After a few months thinking about what to do, we decided to buy the farm and renovate it! And what an adventure that has been…

We started right away cutting down old dying trees and gutting the inside of the house. We knew it needed a basement. It just had an old dirt cellar that could only be accessed from outside the house. So we cut the house into three parts. We kept the garage and moved that to another part of the farm to use for my "craft" shop. We tore down the middle section. (The ceilings were so low, my husband couldn't even stand up straight and walk comfortably throughout it) And we moved the two story section off to the side to put in the basement! We rebuilt the garage/middle part of the house. Since then we have working away!

Today the house is completely water tight. Still working on building the front porch (my most FAVORITE part of the whole thing) We are working away inside as well. It's been a long journey so far; but so very thankful for all the help and support of our families and friends. Both of our fathers have put in soooo much time and effort into helping us. My parents have also been letting us live in their basement until the house is in a functioning state. We are forever grateful for having the opportunity to make this house our forever home ❤️

More photos and posts to come! I have to get back to work before the next truck rolls in! It's a busy fall here at CM Farms!!