Wyatt + His Cows🐮

Happy Saturday Friends!

It’s finally spring! Per usual, Iowa weather is all over the place, but we sure are enjoying the sun when it decides to show itself!

My dad is in full swing of planting season. We have been enjoying helping with seed runs, tractor rides and helping mom deliver meals to the field. It’s such a fun time of year!🚜

Last weekend I made a run to the greenhouse and stocked up on my wave petunias before they sold out of my favorite colors. Last year I waited to long and didn’t get my ideal colors; not this year! I am itching to get them planted in containers and get the garden in. Last year I started a strawberry bed in an old stock tank the hubs got me, so I am hoping to get some strawberries from that this year!

We have been enjoying loving on our cows, they have became a favorite part of our daily routine. I love waking up and having a cup of coffee and starting the day off with them. It’s peaceful.

Wyatt loves to talk to them and pet on them. We are pretty lucky with how tame they are. They aren’t crazy about a full on body rub, but they do enjoy a good scratch on the head. I caught some good moments of Wyatt loving on them🐮


The Farm Grew!

We spent last year planning and prepping to get some cattle. We have talked about it for years and finally decided to just dive in!

In college I worked on a dairy calf farm for two and half years. There I discovered my love for the livestock industry. The farm is where I found myself. I really grew as a person and found strengths I didn’t know existed. I learned what hard work was. When I told my parents I was quitting my job at the flower shop in town to go work at the farm feeding calves at 6am, they thought I was nuts! Turned out it was the best thing for me. I learned to work with the calves, beef cattle and operate different machinery. It was a blast.

When the farm had to close and relocate to Missouri, I decided to make the switch to the hog industry. I knew I would miss the cattle but always hoped someday I would get some of my own. Thankfully I talked to my husband into it and he made all my cattle dreams come true!

Nathan did a lot of research and we decided on some red angus for the first go around. We sent the deposit off to get first pick of the steers that’s were being weaned this spring. We traveled over to eastern Iowa for them. Once we got there we decided to bring an extra home!

They have been home with us for about two weeks now and have brought a lot of joy to our little farm. Naturally, I have spent time already photographing our handsome boys🐮


See ya later, 2020!

I can’t believe this year has come and gone! Unpopular opinion: 2020 flew by and I enjoyed the year.

We started the year out with a family trip to the beach, hung out with my dad during spring planting (Wyatt became quite the seed tender operator for grandpa), spent time with family, enjoyed being on our little farm, went to the lake, celebrated Wyatt’s 3rd birthday, went fishing, to the zoo and helped my dad with fall harvest.

Both my husband and were blessed to keep our normal work routines. Our daily life continued per usual. Those who know me well, know I am a homebody, so when everything shut down it didn’t bother me to much. Work and being home with family was just fine in my book!

Like any year, it had its downfalls. Covid made its way into the house and I miscarried. I’m more of a ‘what doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger’ type of a person. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. There is always a reason, and I have faith he will bring a baby into our lives when he feels we are ready.

No year is ever perfect, nor will it ever be. When the clock strikes midnight on 2020 it doesn’t automatically set up the new year to be perfect. You have to have the right mindset and make the most of life. At the end of 2019 I made obtainable goals for myself for the 2020 year. I checked off all of those boxes and made endless memories with my family. And for that, I am thankful! We are already looking forward to the new year, fun things are coming to our little farm this spring and we can’t wait!

Highlighted below are some of my favorite photos from this year❣️

Cheers 2020✨


It’s fall y’all!

It’s offically harvest! The most wonderful time of year! Not for pumpkin spice everything, but for all things farming.

Fall is such a special time, mainly because it’s harvest at the farm. I have so many memories during this time of year and they just continue to get better as the years go on. From smell of threshed grain and dirt being worked, meals in the field, Wyatt’s face lighting up when he gets to ride with his daddy and grandpa, watching sunsets from the combine and Sunday lunches with the farm crew at the shop. It really doesn’t get better then that in my book.

So many memories are made during this time, I can’t wait to make more this season with our family. Above is Wyatt’s first walk with grandpa to the combine last year. Below are the rest of my favorites from last harvest🌽




These are the moments I want to remember…

Hey y’all!

It’s been a hot minute since I have been on here, and quite frankly I miss having some sort of creative outlet to share photos and adventures from the farm. While I love my full time of jobs of chasing hogs, there is no creativeness to it and I need some sort of creative outlet!

Wyatt is now three years old as of this past June. He loves tractors, being outside, Carhartt (because daddy wears it of course), trains and anything with wheels basically! He makes our world go round and can light up a room with his contagious smile!

This past spring he did a lot of farming with his grandpa Cliff. He helped deliver seed, plant and enjoy peach tea in the tractor. That farm blood run deep in him! Here are some of my favorites photos during out spring plant.





Happy Wednesday friends!

So today, I had the pleasure of listening to Marji Guyler-Alaniz, Founder and President of FarmHer, speak at the local farm show in town. I have followed her on various forms of social media for a while and now watch her television show on RFDTV. Go check out her website, you won’t be disappointed!! Her show is amazing as well. She spoke about how FarmHer came about. It started out as her photography project. She photographed women who work in the agriculture industry and shared their stories. From there, it became a television series!

I loved hearing her stories about some of the women she has met with. Some worked full-time on the farm. Others worked off the farm and then came home to help their families farm. Some were a farm wife, and some a farmer’s daughter. She spoke about some who crop farmed, while others had ranches or livestock. All kinds of women doing different things. All with one thing in common: agriculture.

It takes all kinds of kinds in the agriculture industry! Which is another reason I think agriculture is so amazing! There are so many forms of it and ways to do it. Different things to grow or animals to raise and care for. No two farmers do things the same way. It depends on where you live, the land and climate that determines how a person farms.

While she was sharing about the women she has met through her journey, I thought about all the FarmHers in my life. I come from a long line of farmers. My parents farm, both sets of my grandparents farmed, and even my great-grandparents. When we found and met my older half sister a year and a half ago; she to came from a farming family and married a farmer! (The story of finding my older sister is for another day on another post. I will say though, it’s a good one!)

So, lot of farming! My mom and both my grandmothers are the people I strive most to be like. What makes them great FarmHers? Their wise knowledge, kind heart, independence and their strength. So very strong these women are! My mother is the strongest lady I know. She is the backbone to my parent’s farm. I have seen her jump in the tractor when needed, run here and there for parts. Taxi the men around to help move to the next field. Or even come home after a eight hour day of chemo and make dinner to take to the field for all the men. That lady can do it all. And I am so proud to call her my mother. If I can be half the women she is one day, I will be doing good!

For those who don’t know me personally, I work full-time off my parents farm. I work on another family’s hog farm in their research and nursery barns. I help my parents on nights and weekends during spring and harvest.

So, if you are a lady who works on the farm full-time, or a full-time job off the farm, a farmers wife, daughter or whatever it may be. They all are equally important roles in the agriculture industry. Sometimes, I feel these women get overlooked. All these roles women play, keep the farm going! They make the meals, care for the children, teach them values, show them what hard work is; and during busy times through the year, they are basically single parents. And they do it every single day. All day, everyday!

There is poem that I have on a sign that hangs in our house I’m sure you have heard of, “So God Made A Farmer.” It is the perfect way to describe what a farmer or FarmHer is and what farm life can entail. Thank you to all the farmers and FarmHers that are out there, and all the hard work you and your families do! I will be forever grateful to be born, raised, and now working in the agriculture industry myself. Thank you to those who work in acres, not hours. And thank you to Marji for being such an inspiration to all the other women out there and sharing stories of other FarmHers!


Making Time

Hey friends!

So as you can see, fall has come and gone already! I seriously have no idea where time has gone. I swear, you blink and everything changes in an instant! Our son was five months old as of yesterday. Say what?! Makes this mama a little sad with how fast he is growing.

Well, I hope everyone had an amazing fall and safe harvest. I am extremely blessed to say my dad and everyone here had a safe one. It is my most favorite time of year, mainly because of harvest. We took our little man for his first tractor ride with his daddy in the ripper and his first combine ride with grandpa! He loved it! He loves car rides and being on the move in general, so it wasn’t surprising he enjoyed being the tractors.

We also took him to the local orchard for his first “pumpkin picking.” Spending the day together as a family of three for the first time getting pumpkins, shopping and enjoying sweet treats was pretty special. I look forward to more days like that.

These days are so busy. Heck, I feel like everyone is busy! I long for slower days. For time to slow down. Like days were when we were little. I felt like they drug on. Now that I am an adult, they fly by! And now that I am a mom, they fly even faster. As much as I want my baby to stay a baby forever, I love watching him grow and learn new things.

If it’s one thing I have learned since becoming a mom, it’s to slow down and enjoy every moment. Because one day, they won’t be little. They won’t want you to hold them before bed. Or have you rock them to sleep. Or keep you up all stinking night! One day, they will be grown and gone. So right now, I am making time. Time to cherish every moment of watching our son grow. And making all the time possible to spend with him.

Here’s to more sleepless nights ahead 💙




Kitchen Progress

Hello Friends!

It’s been a little quite on here lately. I am officially back to work and now my dad has started harvesting crops here. That means busy days and nights ahead! When I get off from my full time job during the day, I go home to help my mom prepare dinners to take to the guys in the field. And this year with a baby, it has added a whole new level of chaos in the kitchen! 😉

Each night we make meals to feed 4-8 people. It depends on the day and what’s going on that determines the amount of workers my dad needs. We feed the day crew, as well as the night crew. It makes for quite a few hungry men to feed!

After the meals are done and I deliver them, I go out to dump trucks and tend to the dryer and bins until quitting time!

I absolutely love helping my dad on the farm. It makes for some long days, but it’s something I really enjoy doing. My younger sister is coming home again this weekend as well to join in on all the harvest fun! It really is a family event!

Progress at the house has been moving along. This past week Nate got our kitchen cabinets hung! As well as our bedroom flooring done and two bathrooms done. I can not wait to have a kitchen again! Things are really coming together. Can’t wait for this project to be done so we can move in and get back to a more normal and organized life! Living out of storage totes for a year has been a challenge. Then add all the baby gear to everything! I’m sure my parents are ready to have their house back!

I included some photos of the kitchen progress. I have been waiting a long time for those cabinets to go up on the wall!! Can’t wait to get the sink and counters installed. It’s fun seeing everything come together.

Have a fabulous week!!



The Country Market

Hey Friends!

I seriously have no idea where this summer went. I am pretty sure I blinked and the summer was over?! Tomorrow is already September and it will officially be pumpkin everything! Don’t get me wrong, I love fall. I just hate what comes after fall! And it is such a busy time for us, harvest will be here and gone before we know it!

The other day we ventured down to Slims Country Market just outside of Story City. If you have never been, I would highly recommend a stop there if you are ever in the area! We wanted to grab up some good fresh produce before the season ends.

We picked up quite a few things we needed; but their Colorado peaches they just got in were amazing! My mom and I ate them all before my dad could even sample one! Needless to say, we will be picking up more this weekend on our way to Ames. They also have really good seedless watermelon right now as well!

Since I’m on the topic of really good peaches; I thought I would share my easy peach tea recipe that is really tasty and simple! I plan on making some this weekend after I get more peaches.

Ingredients for the peach syrup:

One cup water

One cup sugar

2-3 fresh sliced peaches


3 tea bags

6 cups water

Bring the syrup ingredients to a boil. Then reduce the heat to medium. Crush up the peach slices as you stir and dissolve the sugar.

Turn off the heat, cover and let set for 30 minutes.

In a separate pot boil the water and brew tea bags. Let steep 5 minutes.

Remove the tea bags and refrigerate.

Strain the syrup and remove any fruit pieces.

Add the syrup to the tea and serve over ice.

This is also really good with a splash of lemonade! 🍑🍋🍉

Have a good Labor Day weekend!


Promptly Journal

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I wanted to do a little post about my Promptly Journal I ordered. This thing is life changing mamas! While I was pregnant, I searched and searched for a decent pregnancy/first year journal. I couldn’t find one to save my life! They all were long lengthy journal entries. Or I would find one with good content, but the outside of if was ugly. (Ya, I’m one of those. Looks matter. I mean who wants an ugly Journal?! Not me.) So, I basically gave up. Then one day I came across the Promptly Journal on Instagram. It has quick little entries to jot down. Super easy and quick to do!

The pregnancy section is broke down into 1st-3rd trimester sections. Basic things like how you are feeling, how you found out you we’re pregnant, how you told your partner, etc. Then next is the birth section. You can record all of your babies stats, who came to visit at the hospital, who does baby look like, how long was labor, who was in the room with you, etc. It has the actual birth day; then breaks down into one week, two weeks and then one month, two month and so on from there up until 18 years of age! Also has separate sections to jot down all of the “firsts” as well. Like their first tooth, steps, crawl, haircut, words, etc.

I just wanted to share this from one mama to the next in case anyone else was in my position and looking for something special to record everything about your special little baby for the years to come! I will include some photos below. But I would also highly recommend checking out their Instagram for additional information and photos. I purchased the grey book, but they have additional colors as well!

Happy journaling friends!



Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! For me it has gone by way to fast! I can’t believe August is here! Normally I don’t mind going into fall, but this year it is sort of bittersweet. After Labor Day I have to go back to work. (Cue the crying) It already makes me sad just thinking about being away from our son.

But to start off the week of August, my family and I are spending the week in Okoboji! If you have never been before I would highly recommend it! My parents have brought us up here since I was a baby. It’s very family friendly and always a good time.

We stay up here with another awesome family from back home. We rent the condos at Bridges Bay. It has a indoor water park and big outdoor pool (with a swim up bar!) and two restaurants on site as well. It also has a cute little spot to grab your morning coffee and donuts! I go down for my iced drink of choice and sit on their patio and enjoy the scenery! This year, it became that much more fun. I took Wyatt on his morning “stroller” ride. (You know; a stroller ride for the baby and iced coffee for me 😉)

Some of our favorite activities include:

Arnold’s park- great for the kiddos

The Nutty Bar Stand- classic place for a sweet treat after dinner. I highly recommend a nutty bar paired with a frosty glass of their homemade old fashioned root beer. Yum! I remember when I was younger, my dad and I would walk down to the nutty bar stand every night after dinner. Always brings back good memories.

The Waterfront and Bracco’s are my favorite restaurants up here. The Waterfront has awesome Moscow Mules if that’s up your alley. Bracos has so many tasty meals; I could eat there everyday. But the scenery is what makes both of these places so neat. Awesome lake views!

The farmers market in Spirit Lake is fun to check out. It’s twice a week; Wednesday and Saturdays.

So many cute and unique little shops! The Barn Swallow is my favorite. It’s an old house turned into a shop packed full of home decor, apparel and unique books for all ages!

Mini golf at Arnold’s Park- I didn’t get to partake in it this year due to the baby’s schedule. However next year, we will be back at it!

Barefoot Bar- neat place to check out. Good stop by boat or land. Neat views to enjoy while grabbing a drink or munchies! As well as some shopping!

So many things to go, see and do it’s hard to fit them all into a week! It is certainly a place my family has enjoyed for many years! Already excited to go back next year and enjoy it even more when Wyatt will be mobile and running all over the place!

Have a good weekend friends!

Sweet Corn Season

Happy Thursday friends!

So we are midway through summer already! Where in the world has this summer gone?! I feel like once the 4th of July comes, the rest of summer just flies by!! Before we know it schools will be starting and fall will be here. Today marks six weeks since our son was born; and in six more weeks I have to go back to work already. I'm not overly excited to go back. Not because I don't like my job; but just because I know how precious time is and how fast it goes. Our son will only be small once and I really enjoy being home with him. But what mother doesn't want to be home with their babies?!

Anyway! (I can get a little windy and off topic sometimes. Bear with me!) Even though summer is half way over, it does mark a pretty exciting time during summer: sweet corn!! I don't know about you, but this is basically my favorite food group! Since I was little, I have had quite the love for my sweet corn. This farm girl can throw down the corn. I remember when my husband and I started living together, I brought home sweet corn for dinner one night. Just sweet corn. Like that's it, nothing else. He couldn't get over how we eat just sweet corn for a meal. He didn't grow up on a farm so it was a new thing for him. (He probably thought I was a little strange. Oh well!) Don't get me wrong, he likes his sweet corn but not quite at the level as I do! Oh well, more for me!

Every year we do our annual family sweet corn freezing day. Have to get stocked up for winter! I love having corn to pull right out for meals. You can use it for so many things. As a side by itself, on potatoes, in soups, salads, casseroles, the list can go on! But my all time favorite is a baked potato with sweet corn on it and then topped with my grandmas homemade buttermilk ranch. Talk about a tasty combination! Hey, don't knock it 'til ya try it! We got our corn froze yesterday. It is actually a pretty fun time. It makes for some good family bonding time. When I was younger I hated freezing day. It felt like we shucked corn for hours upon hours. Now I don't really mind it, it's fun to do as a family.

If anyone else is looking for a good method to freeze corn feel free to ask me! I would be happy to share the way we do it. It's easy to do and our family has been doing it since before I was born. It works pretty good!

Have a fabulous rest of your day!